Pastor C Ezeadum

 Pastor Chidozie Ezeadum was born in April, in an eastern part of Nigeria in a township called Umulu Nnobi, Idemili local government Anambra State Nigeria.
Chidozie Ezeadum was born in a family of Mr. and Mrs. Linus Ezeadum, his mother died when he was 4 years, then God took over him and become his mentor. Then he grows in the lord and he knew that there is call of God upon his life. His parent were catholic. When his mother gave birth to him, he was not eating for 14 days because of the name that was given to him the (Giningory) then the name was changed to Chidozie meaning (God repair was given to him, the he started eating from then. he attended Nnobi community primary school and attended Nnobi Boy’s Secondary School. He further his education in South Africa. When he was growing up he was attending different churches and mostly prophetic churches. He was prophesied to by different prophets that god will used him in nations as a servant to liberate life’s , heal the sick and bring restoration to people's life as a prophet and as a deliverance minister. The manifestation of god's power started and he prayed for his elder sister who had only 3 girls at that time, she conceived and gave birth to a baby boy.
Furthermore, he prayed from his brother who served his master for 1 year and he did not want to settled him as they agreed, he said he will served him for 6 years then he prayed for him and settled him same year. When he prayed for people and prophesied to them and God confirmed the prayers and the prophecies immediately. Then he knew that there was God's call upon his life Romance 8:31 God has been his strength in all his challenges and criticisms, when you hear from god what man says does not matters that is his secret.
In 2003 before he traveled to South Africa, he was given a prophecy by a prophetess that came to his house saying she was sent from God to anoint him for the journey that is ahead of him because he will do his will there. Then he knew that he will start his ministry in South Africa.

Pastor Chidozie Ezeadum